Sunday, August 31, 2008

Semester begins again!

Well my lovely friends whom i miss dearly. Another semester has started, due to a snag in financial aid, i almost didn't. But praise God and thanks to my parents, here I am in an Anatomy and Physiology I, Math 102(2nd mini mester) and thanks to CCTech a 2nd mini mester of English 102 online. At least i don't have to worry about the A& P grades, already had them with lovely A's but it was 9 years ago, just under the wire, and i don" want to go into nursing unarmed. Soo it's all about learning! How about the price of books - my science books were a whopping 295! Ridiculous i say. I decided to forgo conversational spanish due to my surprise english! The good news is my advisor is positive with all my high scores i'll get in the january nursing program. My dreams gets closer and closer. I had some minor surger (laproscopic) a week before class, needless to say this week has been tiring.

We're going to the pre-air show Friday. I've never been and we didn't want to go saturday withthe regular civilian madhouse. I hope it'll be neat. I might try and take my nephews if they want to go. House cleaning is in the air and we're making good progress, soon we'll be done i hope and pray.

More and more my heart desires adopting babies. I have to get out of school first and provide a stable home, marriage and dad. Hopefully the one i have will work out. Please pray for a miracle. Ok kids,check out for a challenge from Cindy for an amaziing cause with adoption. Update me on you guys.

I love you sooooo very much!!!! Your prayer encourage and strengthen me more than you know.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

I've been tagged!

Well at first i thought Tracey had lost her mind, then i actually went and read her tag, sorry! Ok, so i've been tagged to tell about 5 things I love. This is a good exercise for me right now because there is soooo much negative in my life and has been for about 6 months now that this will force me to focus on the positive.

I love God's grace and forgiveness. I do not comprehend either, but would be useless without it. My life is so far from a godly life right now, and there are vices in my life that i'm sure i will struggle with forever but His amazing grace and forgiveness to cover it all, erase it all, move past it all overwhelms me. I have friends with their own version of spirituality, as they call it. I pray for them daily to experience this love, grace and forgiveness. I don't get caught up in having to prove where, why, when and how there is a god. The Davinci code doesn't keep me awake at night, i actually thought it was great. Harry Potter is not sending our kids to hell and just because my friend is gay does not mean i can't talk to him. However, God has rules too, i'm not dismissing that, just remember it's the sin of all our lives He hates, and never any of us the sinner. I don't care that some think the bible was written by pagan men for an emperor or the debate of the denominations about which books to keep. I believe He left his word, however, inspired by him, for us, to help us. I can't see Him or explain Him, if i could, why would i serve and love him? I just know he's there and I think that people need to get back to faith. Grace, Love, forgiveness is all that is truly necessary in my life and i pass it on to all i meet.

Second, I love school! I know I'm a dork, but i am so thankful to have been given the opportunity to go back to school to pursue my desire to be a nurse. I always wanted to be one, just ask my mom about it. Somehow i got distracted and have another degree, that's useless only as far as career goes. I can't wait to become a nurse and then a nurse midwife. I love everything about women's health. I love helping with the whole process and teaching all i can. I get to be a birthing coach for a friend in the spring, so I'm so excited.

Third, I love adoption and kids! this one sounds crazy b/c i am not actually a mom. I have been surrounded by kids my whole life though and it is a gift that God has given me, to be natural and loving with them and have it returned. Due to my own experience with adoption and all the things that are going on in the world, plus knowing tons of friends who have adopted, I am a huge advocate. Not knocking on you biological baby makers, it's just there's so many kids without families and it is our duty if we have the capacity to love and give, to take care of them. I challenge everyone to deeply consider adoption no matter what chapter of your life you seem to have entered.

4th, I love my yayas. what is that you say? well they're my wednesday night girls. quite frankly, they are my only line of sanity in this world with all going on im my marriage, my mom, my parent's health, my granddad and school. I don't know what i'd do without their support, encouragement, love and most of all prayers that go beyond my comprehension.

5th, I love surprises in life. They're found everywhere if you're looking. And some sneak up on you. I have found unexpected friendships and confidents in places i never expected. rays of sunshine in little things brought my way. A beautiful sunset after a storm. an evening on the beach listening to the waves. The way people you thought you knew can surprise you is the best. Never assume you know someone just because you're going off someone else's version, get to know them. You'll be surprised and glad, bet on it. Make sure you keep an open mind, heart and totally love the experiences you find!

OK i tag next:

Becky Ray: because she's so witty, and hopefully will take a moment
Cindy: she's so wise and thoughtful and full of love
David: he's the only other blogger i know!

Friday, July 25, 2008

The countdown....

Hi everyone! It's been a while since i've blogged anything. Life is a lot to handle right now. My grandfather is at home on hospice and it is a day by day on his life, so that's tough on the whole family. My parents are experiencing some great health issues and they have been living with me since January. My school has another 12 days total, weekends included. I have 3 finals on August 5th and then I'll have a 3 week actual summer. Looking forward to a lot of days spent by the pool. Sometimes I think I must have been crazy to start taking classes with my life the way it is, but it is my desire to become a nurse midwife and I can't do it without the classes, lol! It seems so many of my friends are having babies, apparently it was a "freakie" spring and summer for the married folks :). I get to be my friend Jenn's actual birthing coach and help in the delivery room, which is so absolutely exciting. Well i am running on 2 hours of sleep, so i leave you all with this update and ask for your prayers.

Friday, June 20, 2008

The Dandelion...most dangerous of plants

Hello friends!
Life has been very hectic...tests, tests, tests! And to top it off a terrible sinus infection made worse on Monday by mowing the lawn and getting a cavity full of dandelions... I am taking a test tomorrow, catching up with my math and getting ready for my midterm. Whew, will i be glad to see June 28th and the beginning of my "summer break" as it will give me time to catch up from this sinus infection and all the tasks that are lagging due to it. I wish my blogs were more witty but alas it is not going to get that way tonight. I am just updating and saying thank you to all who post comments and encourage me. Love you guys!!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Oh my it's been a few days...more like a week i think. These summer classes are pretty fast paced. Thank you to those who have cheered me on. I would like to slip in one more brag...92.5 on my first math...and i don't like math. Now i have a computer test on thursday and a project due this week. 2 math tests next week, and another medical terminology next week. See what i mean about the fast pace. This week my little cousin, more like a sister, is getting married ( sniff, sniff). I think I am still in shock, though yes i have known for quite some time now. It just seems like I should age but she should not, how silly! Hopefully he is the right one and they will live a long prosperous life with a house and a white picket fence along with 2.5 kids, lol. That is my prayer for them. Here's to Samantha and Ja!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Grades....and LIfe

Ladies and Gentleman!
I took my first test this week. It was a long study and i was very nervous since i haven't been in school in quite a while. The information seemed overwhelming but i persisted and I made a 96 on my very first Medical Terminology Test! ( I also took an abbreviations test but made a 85 due to a very spelling errors, :( ) So the first plunge is over and I sound a loud sigh of relief, I can do this. Before I go any further though, I must thank God for giving me the strength and encouragement and time to go back to school, and the brainpower. Plus to all my encouraging friends, you rock!
Now my thoughts are turned to my "real" day to day life which is disheartening to say the least. All i will say is please pray for a miracle in my Life. That's all I will say.

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

I wonder what you guys think...

Well this one is inspired by a fellow commentor on my blog. He wanted me to check out his blog and he has a lot of stuff that is good. if you want to check it out. Anyways one of his blogs was addressing the gender agenda, like with Hiliary running for President. I know my opinion, what's yours? come on and comment....I like a little debate in life. I think the Bible gives some clear direction...let's see.