Sunday, August 31, 2008

Semester begins again!

Well my lovely friends whom i miss dearly. Another semester has started, due to a snag in financial aid, i almost didn't. But praise God and thanks to my parents, here I am in an Anatomy and Physiology I, Math 102(2nd mini mester) and thanks to CCTech a 2nd mini mester of English 102 online. At least i don't have to worry about the A& P grades, already had them with lovely A's but it was 9 years ago, just under the wire, and i don" want to go into nursing unarmed. Soo it's all about learning! How about the price of books - my science books were a whopping 295! Ridiculous i say. I decided to forgo conversational spanish due to my surprise english! The good news is my advisor is positive with all my high scores i'll get in the january nursing program. My dreams gets closer and closer. I had some minor surger (laproscopic) a week before class, needless to say this week has been tiring.

We're going to the pre-air show Friday. I've never been and we didn't want to go saturday withthe regular civilian madhouse. I hope it'll be neat. I might try and take my nephews if they want to go. House cleaning is in the air and we're making good progress, soon we'll be done i hope and pray.

More and more my heart desires adopting babies. I have to get out of school first and provide a stable home, marriage and dad. Hopefully the one i have will work out. Please pray for a miracle. Ok kids,check out for a challenge from Cindy for an amaziing cause with adoption. Update me on you guys.

I love you sooooo very much!!!! Your prayer encourage and strengthen me more than you know.

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