Saturday, May 24, 2008

Getting into the Groove :)

Hi everybody. This is my first blog ever. All of you guys were doing it so i thought, hmmm I'll try. I just decided to go back to school, yes i have a bachelor's degree but not using it. I started this week. I am working my way towards becoming a nurse and then a nurse midwife. The journey will be long. So I'm taking math 101 and computer 101, my first ones were too old to count :(. Those classes are a breeze. However, I am also taking medical terminology. Well let me tell you there is a lot of information....and my first test this week. Needless to say, my life has been full of studying things like otolaryngology. It's all about word parts and learning how to read all medical terms, which will be very useful. I can't believe I am going back to school at age 32, but hey that's still young right. Well, my life is full of studying this week so I will leave you at this juncture. Thanks for inspiring me to join you on your blogging journey and for stopping by to check in with mine.


Andrew Clarke said...

Hi Michelle, you might not have much time for reading fiction right now, so I hope this does not merely irritate you. I'm a Christian, like you. My blog is if you want to check it out. I found your blog when looking for Christians who like to read fiction. May I suggest a title next time you want to read a novel? "Outcasts Of Skagaray" is a suspense fantasy adventure that might appeal if you like Frank Peretti's books. (I do too.)For excertps see I would love it if you read and enjoyed it but whether or not I greet you as a fellow Christian and wish you well with nursing training. Blessings.

Chrissy said...

Hey, Michelle!
I'm so glad you started a blog! It looks great. That can't possibly be a current photo of you because that means you look exactly like you did when you were 19. Which is just wrong.

**TRACY** said...

Hey, another blogger! Chrissy got me hooked back in January. I try to be as funny as her, but it doesn't always happen. Mine is I haven't updated lately - I keep planning to. Didn't know you wanted to be a nurse midwife, too bad I'll be done in September! LOL